This is an optional service we offer for a complete peace of mind for the property owner. This service runs alongside with The Complex contract, and can be cancelled at any time. There is no charge for this service, if your complex is managed by easyhome.

You benefit from the following services in addition to the Standard Services:  

  • To inspect and air the property on a forthnightly basis, report any problems immediately with visual support.
  • To pay the utility bills on behalf of the owner in time subject to sufficient funds provided in advance. To inform the owner in case of insufficient funds. 
  • To asist the property owner in any official or banking procedure, and in illness situations.
  • To prepare the property for the arrival of the owner or his guests subject to receiving the arrival details such as airing, turning on supplies etc. (cleaning etc. would incur additional charges).
  • To assist the property owner and his guests' requests where possible.