When you purchase a new property in Turkey, you need to apply to register the utilities -water and electricity- in your name.

Registration is not difficult, but can be time consuming. It involves visits to the Electricity Board, The Municipality Building, and the Water Board with a number of documents prepared in a file.

We at Alanya EasyHome are happy to help you on this matter for a small fee. We will escort you to the relevant offices, and assist you with completing the necessary documentation.

We will give you a full list of documents and costs if you wish to purchase this service from us, but as a rule of thumb the documents needed and the reimbursements are:

Documents Required from you:

* Photocopy of Your Passport
* Photocopy of Your Deed
If you are not able to attend in person;
* Power of Attorney from your country of residence (if you can arrange a joint Power of Attorney on one document for a number of property owner, this would reduce the cost for you)


You are required to pay the appropriate fees for the following. These fees are variable.
* Municipal Fee
* Water Board Registration Fee
* Electricity Board Registration Fee
* Official Translation of Power of Attorney (if you do not attend in person)